The Two Patterns I'll Trade in January 2020

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The same patterns can repeat over and over in the stock market. There are so many to learn, right? Start the new year right. Here are two patterns I’ll be trading in January 2020!

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We’re making money. We’re making lunch. And we’re making friends...

That’s what’s happening in Tulum, Mexico. There’s a chef preparing lunch, and I’ve got a killer view. And I’m spending time with friends, trading, and making videos.

Have I mentioned I love my life?

Thanks to trading, I get to travel, spend time in beautiful (and warm) places, and do meaningful charity work with Karamagawa. As of this video, I’ve helped open 67 schools and libraries!

What about you? What kind of life do you want to live?

Do you crave travel and adventure? Or maybe just the freedom to sit at home and play video games?

Hey, it’s your life. Whatever your dreams are, I want to help you work toward them. I believe that you can get anything you want. But you have to be willing to work for it.

I worked hard to get to where I am. I’m 20+ years into my journey. I didn’t always have this freedom. I want you to find it faster than I did. That’s why I’m transparent and teach my students everything I’ve learned.

Do better than the traders who fail. Be willing to work hard. Be willing to study and commit. Learn to adapt to the market...

That leads me to this BIG question: what’s working in the market right now?

In this video, I share the two biggest patterns I’m trading in January 2020.

Patterns repeat a lot in the stock market. You have to learn and understand them so that you can adapt to their infinite subtle variations. That’s how you get better at spotting opportunities.

One example? Short squeezes. They’re creating some of the best opportunities out there right now. A ton of wannabe short sellers are creating amazing setups for long positions. Find out how my students and I are taking advantage.

I also talk about the January effect — a yearly phenomenon that actually starts in December but can create opportunities into January. Learn this pattern, whether you’re a short seller or going long.

If you study my 6,000 video lessons, you can learn how to profit from any type of market ... This lesson is just the beginning!

What are your dreams? Leave a comment and let me know!

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